The First National flag of the Confederacy  
"The Stars and Bars"

The first flag used by the Confederate States was the "Stars and Bars". The Provisional Congress of the Confederacy, which was in session in Montgomery, Alabama, established a committee to find a flag to represent the new nation.
The First National flag design was credited to two men Nicola Marshall of Montgomery, Alabama and Orren R. Smith of North Carolina. The flag was approved in time for a scheduled flag raising on 4 March, the date Lincoln was to be sworn into office as President of the United States. The blue field under went changes as other southern states joined the Confederacy. It was never officially adopted as the flag of the Confederacy by the full Congressional vote. Because of its design and with it unfurled in battle, it look to much like the U.S. Flag, and field commanders desired a different flag so as to know which were enemy and Confederate units. This lead to the design and adoption by General Beauregard of Louisiana, the flag that is known as "The Battle Flag".

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