The Bonnie Blue

This was the first flag used to represent the seceding Southern states, as a whole had a  blue field with a single white five pointed star in it center. During the war for Southern Independence some units from Louisiana and Texas adopted the Bonnie Blue Flag as their unofficial banner of the Confederacy. This flag with a blue field and a single white star was used by the Louisiana Florida parishes when they formed the Republic of West Florida in 1810. In Texas, various lone star designs were used during the war for Texas Independence in 1836. The Bonnie Blue Flag was first displayed during the Convention of the People of Mississippi, January 9, 1861, when it was raised above the State House. It was never officially adopted by the Confederacy as a whole, but the design was used widely by several southern states. The Bonnie Blue Flag was described  in a song written by Harry MaCarthy and first sang in New Orleans, Louisiana. Some military units carried this flag into battle during the war!

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