Missouri Confederate of the Month

~ March / April 1999 ~

Buckner Smart

Many thanks to Miss Heather Withers for contributing the following about her Missouri Confederate Ancestor.

In Carroll County, Missouri in the year of 1842 Rev. William Smart and Elizabeth Thomas Smart had their fourth child, Buckner Smart. Little did they know that 18 years later Buckner would enlist in the Company B 9th Missouri Infantry, in Carrollton, Missouri.

In the four years that he was in the 9th Missouri he fought in many battles. He was in the Battles of Helena. He was also in the Battle of Pleasant Hill, Louisiana were he was wounded. Because of his injuries he was left behind in Louisiana. In the time that he was here, August 1864, he met and married Suson Smart, in Claiborne Parish, Louisiana. After he was paroled on May 23, 1865 in Shreveport, Louisiana he and his wife moved to Bienville Parish and later to Richland Parish were he died about 1921. Between the years of 1865 and 1921 he made his living farming and was called to be a Baptist Minister. Buckner recived a pension from the state of Louisiana for his service in the Confederate Army.

There was a story I remember well that was handed down from Buckner about the time that he spent in the Confederate Army. The story told about Buckner needing water during a Battle. There was only one place to get water from, when Buckner found the place it was red with blood. But he was so thirsty that he put a cloth over his mouth and drank the water anyway.

On another note, his brother, William H. Smart Jr. served with the 35th Missouri Infantry USA.

I am proud to be the Great, great, great Grandaughter of Rev. Buckner T. Smart.

By: Heather A. Withers,
Pleasant Hill, Louisiana