Asa Ladd

I would like to thank Misty Ladd Flannigan for her permission to integrate her webpage dedicated to her ancestor, Asa Ladd, into the Missouri Division Website.   

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letter informing his father of being condemned to death.

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SPECIAL thanks to Laverne Ladd Papworth, great-great granddaughter of Asa Ladd, for providing this image.

The letter reads:

Gratiot St. Prison
St Louis, Mo   Oct 29, 1864

My Dear Father,

I am condemned to be shot today between the hours of two and four o'clock retaliation for some men shot by Reeves (Major Wilson and six men). I am an innocent man and it is hard to die for another's sins. You can imagine my feelings when I think of you, my wife and children.I want my family to come back to my old place. If you live till peace is made, I want you to settle up and pay off all my debts. You need have no uneasiness as to my future state for my faith is well founded and I fear no evil. God is my refuge and hiding place. Meet me in Heaven

Good bye