Second Division
Missouri State Guard

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First Commander: Brigadier General Thomas Beverly Randolph
Second Commander: Brigadier General Thomas Alexander Harris
Third Commander: Brigadier General Martin Edwin Green
Fourth Commander: Colonel Joseph Chrisman Porter


Division Adjutant-General: Colonel Burr C. Brent
Division Comissary of Subsistence: Lt. Colonel John S. Melon
Lt. Colonel Henry S. Taylor
Assistant Comissary of Subsistence: Major Alexander Givens Anderson
Division Inspector-General: Lt. Colonel Robert Shacklett
Lt. Colonel Nimrod L. Norton
Division Judge Advocate-General: Lt. Colonel Mortimer McElhaney
Lt. Colonel J. W. Duncan
Division Paymaster-General: Lt. Colonel E. C. McDonald
Lt. Colonel Louis B. Curd
Division Provost-Marshal Major Lebbeus A. Pindall
Division Quartermaster-General: Lt. Colonel John A. Vaughn
Lt. Colonel George A. Turner
Assistant Division Quartermaster: Captain George A. Turner
Captain Theophilus Williams
Division Wagon-Master: Captain Thomas B. Green
Division Surgeon-General: Lt. Colonel E. H. C. Bailey, M.D.
Lt. Colonel M. L. Meriwether
Chief of Ordnance: Captain John W. Priest
Captain J. W. Hicks
Aide-de-Camps Lt. Colonel D. W. Vowels
Lt. Colonel William B. Littleman
Lt. Colonel William B. Pittman
Lt. Colonel William H. Davis
Captain C. M. Randolph


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