Third Division
Missouri State Guard

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First Commander: Brigadier General John Bullock Clark, Sr.
Second Commander: Colonel Congreve Jackson
Third Commander: Colonel Caspar Winstar Bell
Fourth Commander: Brigadier General John Bullock Clark, Sr.
Fifth Commander: Brigadier General Edwin William Price
Sixth Commander: Colonel John Bullock Clark, Jr.


Division Adjutant-General: Colonel Caspar Winstar Bell
Colonel William O. Benton
Colonel Caleb S. Stone
Division Comissary of Subsistence: Lt. Colonel Isaac Brinker
Division Inspector-General: Lt. Colonel Samuel G. Farrington
Lt. Colonel Stephen Bynum
Division Judge Advocate-General: Lt. Colonel Richard H. Musser
Division Paymaster-General: Lt. Colonel James H. Haden
Division Provost-Marshal: Major John F. Jones
Major A. W. Jones
Division Quartermaster-General: Lt. Colonel Gustavus A. Elgin
Acting Division Quartermaster-General: Lt. Colonel Theodore Sanders
Division Surgeon-General: Lt. Colonel William Carson Boon, M.D.
Lt. Colonel John J. Grinstead, M.D.
Assistant Division Surgeon-General: Major John J. Grinstead, M.D.
Major S. A. Peters
Division Medical Director: Lt. Colonel G. M. B. Maughs
Chief of Ordnance: Captain Thomas H. Price
Captain Alfred M. Lay
Assistant Ordnance Officers: 1st Lieutenant Hamp. Shepard
1st Lieutenant Sidney Shepard
Aides-de-Camp Lt. Colonel Gustavus A. Elgin
Lt. Colonel William O. Burton
Lt. Colonel Seaton E. Graves
Lt. Colonel W. B. Cox
Lt. Colonel James P. Vaughn
Lt. Colonel Robert B. Walker
Lt. Colonel Robert B. Walton
Lt. Colonel William Woodson
Major John Fleming Rucker
Lt. Colonel Joseph B. Finks
Captain James Collins
Volunteer Aides-de-Camp: Captain Celsus Price
Captain Finney
Captain William M. Cook
Acting Drillmaster Captain John J. Corkery
Band-Master Captain W. H. Hickman
(Assignment not of Record): Captain James Simmons, Jr.
(Assignment not of Record): Captain F. F. Weed


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