Fifth Division
Missouri State Guard

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First Commander: Brigadier General Alexander William Doniphan
Second Commander: Brigadier General Jesse Morin
Third Commander: Brigadier General Alexander Early Steen
Fourth Commander: Colonel James P. Saunders
Fifth Commander: Brigadier General Alexander Early Steen
Sixth Commander: Colonel Alonzo W. Slayback


Division Adjutant-General: Colonel D. W. Floweree
Colonel Joseph M. Fox
Assistant Division Adjutant-General: Major George D. Shackleford
Division Comissary of Subsistence: Lt. Colonel Boaz Roberts
Division Inspector-General: Lt. Colonel Thomas W. Shields
Division Judge Advocate-General: Lt. Colonel Alexander Harris
Division Paymaster-General: Lt. Colonel James M. Loughborough
Lt. Colonel Thomas Thurman
Division Quartermaster-General: Lt. Colonel S. R. Shrader
Division Surgeon-General: Lt. Colonel Charles N. Palmer, M.D.
Assistant Division Surgeon: Major C. T. Hart, M.D.
Acting Ordnance Officer: First Lieutenant Gillapie
Aides-de-Camp Lt. Colonel Wright Schaumburg
Lt. Colonel James W. Gillespie
Volunteer Aide-de-Camps: Major George Washington Van Lear

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