Eighth Division
Missouri State Guard

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First Commander: Brigadier General James S. Rains


Division Adjutant-General: Colonel William A. McClain
Colonel Lauchlan A. Maclean
Division Chaplain-General: Major James F. Mitchell
Division Comissary of Subsistence: Lt. Colonel William M. Dunn
Lt. Colonel John T. Yates
Lt. Colonel Samuel B. Dyer
Assistant Division Comissary of Subsistence: Lt. Colonel Richard M. Stith
Lt. Colonel William H. Tilton
Captain Louis R. Bell
Captain Charles C. Rainwater
Division Inspector-General Lt. Colonel William E. Arnold
Division Judge Advocate-General: Lt. Colonel George Solon Rathburn
Division Paymaster-General: Lt. Colonel Watner Lewis
Lt. Colonel George W. Haymaker
Division Quartermaster-General: Lt. Colonel John McMurty
Lt. Colonel John D. Rains
Assistant Division Quartermaster: Major James E. Barkley
1st Lieutenant J. N. Reynolds
Acting Assistant Quartermaster: Lt. Colonel Richard M. Stith
Division Drive-Master: Lt. Colonel John McUterly
Division Wagon-Master: Major Jerry Rucker
Division Surgeon-General: Lt. Colonel George W. Taylor, M.D.
Assistant Division Surgeon: Captain W. W. Miller
Chief of Ordnance: Lt. Colonel John F. Snyder, M.D.
Assistant Chief of Ordnance Captain Thomas J. Shaw
1st Lieutenant John Britton
1st Lieutenant Joseph H. Reynolds
1st Lieutenant H. D. Stangel
Division Provost-Marshal: Major Andrew M. Tutt
Aides-de-Camp: Lt. Colonel William M. Briscoe
Lt. Colonel Lauchlan A. Maclean
Lt. Colonel Branham H. Woodson
Lt. Colonel John Henderson
Lt. Colonel Walter S. O'Kane
Lt. Colonel James T. Lewis
Captain Charles S. Rogers
Captain Charles C. Rainwater
Division Drill-Master: Captain Thomas C. Resly
Assistant Drill-Master: 1st Lieutenant John Bruce
1st Lieutenant Joseph L. Jackson
1st Lieutenant Robert Cunningham
Division Sergeant-Major Sergeant-Major George W. Haymaker
Division Sergeant-Major Sergeant-Major Champ Carter McCullock

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