Units of the Eighth Division
Missouri State Guard


Independence Light Artillery, Capt. _____ Starke
1st Light Artillery, Capt. Hiram Bledsoe
2nd Light Artillery, Capt. William Lucas
Roberts’ Light Artillery, Capt. Westley Roberts


1st Cavalry Regiment, Col. Richard H. Weightman
2nd Cavalry Regiment, Col. James McCown
3rd Cavalry Regiment, Col. Robert L. Y. Peyton
4th Cavalry Regiment, Col. James Cawthorn
5th Cavalry Regiment, Col. Jeremiah C. Cravens
6th Cavalry Regiment, Col. John T. Coffee
7th Cavalry Regiment, Col. DeWitt C. Hunter
8th Cavalry Regiment, Lt. Col. Thomas E. Owen
9th Cavalry Regiment, Lt. Col. Thomas B. Cummings
10th Cavalry Regiment, Col. William H. Erwin
11th Cavalry Regiment, Col. Sanford J. Talbott
12th Cavalry Regiment, Maj. Richard S. Robertson
13th Cavalry Regiment, Lt. Col. Robert W. Crawford
14th Cavalry Regiment, Maj. H. W. King
McDonald Guards, Capt. Andrew J. Russell
Partisan Ranger Regiment, Col. Jeremiah V. Cockrell
Polk County Battalion, Maj. John W. Gibbon (Temporary organization)
Vernon County Battalion, Lt. Col. Richard A. Boughan (Merged into 7th Regiment)
Army Provost Guard, Headquarters, Maj. Phineas M.Savery
Price’s Body Guard Battalion, Headquarters, Col. James P. Major


1st Infantry Regiment, Col. Edmund B. Holloway
2nd Infantry Regiment, Col. Jonathan R. Graves
3rd Infantry Regiment, Col. Edgar V. R. Hurst
4th Infantry Regiment, Col. Stephen F. Hale
5th Infantry Regiment, Col. James J. Clarkson
6th Infantry Regiment, Col. Hiram M. Bledsoe
Cass County Infantry Battalion, Lt. Col. John H. Britts
Chiles’ Infantry Regiment, Col. Christopher Chiles


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