~ of Missouri's Confederate Heritage ~

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Image of the monument at Franklin, Tennessee dedicated to Cockrell's Missouri Brigade.

The memorial stone to Lt. Gustavus A. Parsons, Jr., brother of General M. M. Parsons

Headstone of Gustavus A. & Patience Monroe Parsons, parents of Lt. G. A. Parsons and General Mosby Monroe Parsons.  G. A. Parsons, Sr. is believed to have been the personal secretary to Thomas Jefferson

Memorial stone for Col. Austin Standish, brother-in-law of Lt. G. A. Parsons and General M. M. Parsons

Headstone of Dr. R. E. Young, Missouri State Guard orderly of General M. M. Parsons.  The iron fence surrounds the headstones of General M. M. Parsons wife and two children.  The government marker set perpendicular to Dr. Young's is a memorial stone for General M. M. Parsons

Memorial stone of General M. M. Parsons

The Parsons' House.  Until her death in 1919, Mildred Standish, wife of Col. Austin Standish, is said to have kept a candle lit in the southern window of this house as a family sign to her husband and brother, M. M. Parsons, that is was safe to enter - she is said to have not believed (or wanted to believe) their deaths at the hands of Juaristas in Mexico.  The south end of the house is the side to the right (where the sun is shining from).  The Parsons Family moved into this house before 1840.  During a Confederate reunion in the 1880s, many ex-Confederates visited with G. A. Parsons and his wife Patience, with whose son many had served under.   General John George Walker was born on this same lot in 1822.

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