George Thomas Scholl

"Well Renowned Missouri Confederate"
a recorded member of Quantrill's men, and served under Bill Anderson.

Ancestor of Compatriot Claiborne Scholl Nappier member of  Anderson Camp # 1743


Captain William Clarke Quantrill

George T. Scholl was a recorded member of Quantrill's men, and served under Bill Anderson, Archie Clements, Dave Poole and Fletcher Taylor. He also served with and knew personally Frank and Jessie James as well as Cole Younger and his brother's. George and Boone Scholl were raised and attended school in Jackson County, Missouri. They had property in Independence, Mo. prior to Order #11, forcing them from land and home. George T. Scholl survived the war, and settled in St. Louis County. He is listed in the History of St. Louis County Volume II, published in 1911 by the S. J. Clarke Publishing Company. 
He attended many Quantrill Survivor's Reunions, and served as an officer several years . He was intimate with Frank James, Fletcher Taylor, Warren Welch, Cole Younger, William Gregg,  Gabe Parr, Hi George, and many others. His brother Boone Scholl, was killed in a skirmish with the 9th Calvary near Westport, Mo. 17 June 1863. Some of his experiences are explained in Edwards book, "Noted Guerilla's" published in 1877. He reported that Frank James shot and killed the Federal that shot Boone Scholl in the back.

schollribbons.jpg (89957 bytes)
Picture of George  T. Scholl's Reunion Ribbons.

George T. Scholl's Pistols

George was a prominent St. Louis Resident, highly respected and admired by many. He went into business with Robert Sargent and established "Sargent and Scholl's Livery and Undertaking". George also farmed in St. Louis County Missouri, he leased the property which is now know as Beaumont Boy Scout Camp...It was then owned by General Harney's estate. Boone Scholl, was buried in the Old Smith/Davis Cemetery, just outside of Raytown, Jackson County.

Right: A copy of George T. Scholl's surrender document. Click on the image to see a larger image.

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Right: A letter in response to one Fletcher Taylor received from George Scholl. This was one of the years George was in charge of the Quantrill Reunion Committee. This is a Thumb nailed picture click on the image to see a full sized image.

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Right: A picture taken at the first reunion after Cole Younger's release from prison. Cole is seated almost center with young boy at his knees. George Scholl is standing in the back row, just to the right of center.  Quantrill reunion wCole Younger.JPG (261676 bytes)
quantrellreunion1912.JPG (184732 bytes) Left: A picture of the 1912 or 1914 Reunion at Blue Springs, Mo. George Scholl is seated in chair, center, just to the left of the Quantrill portrait.

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George T. Scholl's Obituary

Below: Boone Muir is mistaken as Boone Scholl on this Smith/Davis cemetery list. Muir is cousin to the Scholl's prior to their coming to Missouri from Kentucky around 1843.
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Above: A Map that shows the location of the Smith/Davis Cemetery.


Other books that George or Boone are in included in: "Branded As Rebels", "We Rode With Quantrill", "Grey Ghost of the Confederacy", "A Reunion in Death", "Quantrill Men Reunions". "Three Years With Quantrill", "Recollections of Quantrill's Guerilla's".


Please help to save the Smith/Davis Cemetery where Boone Scholl is buried as well as the ladies who died in the Jail Collapse which as you know was one reason for the retaliation Raid on Lawrence, Kansas. Compatriot Claiborne Nappier has found the last remaining headstone, which was taken from this cemetery and is planning on having it returned. Claiborne would like to have some sort of ceremony donations would be greatly appreciated to help us restore the cemetery. Neil Block is helping with a government replacement stone for Boone Scholl. The cemetery will most certainly cease to exist unless we are able to gather enough money to secure that site.  This being private property a Confederate Battle Flag could be Flown over the entrance without worry of them being disturbed by the local politicians. Please consider donating anything you can spare to this noble cause, these are very well documented Missouri Confederate soldiers and deserve our highest regards. 

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