Prominent St. Louisans in Gray

St. Louis as it appeared in 1860.


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Prominent Confederate Soldiers who were residents of
City or County of St. Louis:



Sgt. Major James W. Allen 4th Mo Infantry
Lt. Lewis  Allen 63rd Al Infantry
Maj. Alexander Givens Anderson
 Missouri Brigade Quatermaster
Roger Perry Annan  7th Va Cavalry
Lt. J. B. Atchison 3rd Missouri Infantry 
(Post war occupation: Physcian)
Lt. Robert Chilton Atkinson 3rd Va Infantry, 3rd Va Cavalry, 
10th Va Cavalry, 13th Va Cavalry, 
Chew's Battery of Horse Artillery
Dr. LeGrand Atwood, Surgeon  
Capt. Archer Bankhead 2nd Missouri Infantry
James P. Bannerman  Quatermaster, Gen. Mosby Parson's Brigade
Father John B. Bannon, Chaplain Missouri Brigade
Capt. William P. Barlow 1st Missouri Light Artillery
Lt. James Barron 1st Missouri Artillery
Lt. Fleming Bates Von Phul's Missouri Light Artillery
Brig. Gen. William N. R. Beall  Commanded Brigade of Arkansas/Louisiana troops in Army of Trans-Mississippi. (after the war resided in St. Louis)
2nd Lt. A. C. Blakely 1st Missouri Infantry
Brig. Gen. William R. Boggs Served under Gen. E. Kirby Smith to the Trans-Mississippi department, where he acted as chief of staff . 1870-1875 resided in St. Louis  
Gen. John S. Bowen Missouri Brigade
F. P.  Bronaugh  After the war, served as 4th Lt. Commander of United Confederate Veterans, 
Camp St. Louis, No.731
Sgt. William J. Bull 3rd Field Battery Missouri Artillery
(Wrote detailed wartime diary, published as "Missouri Brothers in Gray", edited by Michael E. Banasik)
Sgt. John P. Bull Served on staff of Col. Emmett MacDonald
(a collection of his letters home is 
included in the above book)
Maj. Wallace Clark Butler Army of Tennessee (Paymaster/Quartermaster)
Maj. Edward Carrington Cabell Gen. Price's and Gen. Kirby Smith's Staff
Maj. Patrick Caniff Co F 5th Missouri Infantry
Capt. Given Campbell 2nd and 9th Kentucky Cavalry 
(Morgan's Division)
Jefferson Davis' Escort
Maj. Frank Carter Gen. John S. Bowen's Staff and 
Army of Northern Virginia under 
Gen. Robert E. Lee
Capt. John Rock Champion Missouri State Guard Cavalry
2nd Lt. Edward F. Chappell 3rd Mo Field Battery
Sgt. William Ward Childs 1st Missouri Light Artillery "Landis Battery"
Lt. Col. James Robert Claiborne 37th Va Cavalry
Capt. S. Churchill Clark Churchill's Missouri Artillery Battery
Brig. Gen. Meriwether Lewis Clark (Son of Gen. William Clark, Explorer) 
General in Missouri State Guard and 
Colonel in Confederate States Army
Capt. Stephen O. Coleman Kelly's Regiment, Missouri State Guard
Capt. Luther Conn 3rd Ky Cavalry and 37th Ky Cavalry 
(Morgan's Division); and
Jefferson Davis's Escort
Hon. William Mordecai Cooke  
E. P. Creecy After the war, served as "2nd Color Guard" in the UCV, St. Louis Camp, No. 731
Lt. William A. Crow Co F 5th Missouri Infantry
Sgt. John W. Cummiskey "Quartermaster Sgt."in 
3rd Mo Field Battery
Maj. Edward Cunningham, Jr. Asst. Adjutant General to 
Gen. T. J. "Stonewall" Jackson 
and Chief of Artillery for Gen. Kirby Smith
Capt. Peter Daniels Kentucky Orphan Brigade, 
Killed leading charge on 
Federal Battery at Chickamauga
J. R. Daugherty  After the war, served as "First Color Guard" in the UCV, St. Louis Camp, No. 731
Col. Alexander Davis Fifth Division, Missouri State Guard
Rev. Jacob Dietzler, CSA Confederate Ambassador to England
Gen. Basil W. Duke Missour State Guard, Kentucky Orphan Brigade
and Morgan's Kentucky Cavalry
Robert Duncan  Assistant Surgeon,  Shaler's/Gaither's
Arkansas Infantry
Sgt. Maj. Boanerges R. Edmondson 1st Cherokee Mounted Volunteers (Watie's)
Capt. Charles Edward Edmondson 1st Cherokee Mounted Volunteers (Watie's)
J. White Edwards After the war, served as Commissary for
(UCV) United Confederate Veterans,
Camp St. Louis, No.731
Sgt. Christopher P. Ellerbe 8th Alabama Cavalry
Lt. Samuel Farrington 1st Missouri Confederate Artillery
Hon. Samuel Howard Ford Confederate Congress for Kentucky
Hon. Thomas W. Freeman C.S. Congressman
Brig. Gen. Daniel Marsh Frost Missouri State Guard and Dept. of Trans-Mississippi
Frank Gaiennie  After war, served as Adjutant of UCV, Camp St. Louis, No. 731
Andrew Hynes Gay  Co A 1st Louisiana Cavalry
Col. Hugh Garland  1st Mo. Infantry
Capt. Bruce Giff  Ordinance Dept.
Jacob D. Goldman 54th Georgia Infantry; Successful cotton trader and Jewish community leader in St. Louis after the war.
Col. John Rene Gratiot 2nd Ark. Infantry (Native of St. Louis).
(One of the founding families of St. Louis,
Gratiot Street named in their honor)
Col. Colton Greene  7th Division Mo. State Guard and
3rd Missouri Cavalry
Maj. Abasalom Grimes Confederate Mail Carrier
Capt. Henry Guibor Guibor's Battery Missouri Artillery
Maj. Wm. Haines  Quartermaster
W.B. Harrison  After the war, served as "Sergt. Major" in the UCV, St. Louis Camp, No. 731
Aaron Hirsch Served in Confederate Cavalry; was known as the "Judische Secess" as a prisoner by Federal troopers.  source:
"Zion in the Valley", by Walter Ehrlich
Lt. John Duncan Holliday "Ordinance Lt." of 3rd Mo. Field Battery
2nd Lt. James C. Hough (or Huff) 3rd Mo Field Battery 
Capt. Warwick Hough Staff of Gen. Polk, Gen. Richard Taylor, 
and Gen. S.D. Lee
Capt. John Howard 1st Mo. Confederate Cavalry 
(Shelby's command)
Col. T. P. Hoz  Missouri Brigade
Lt. Col. E. B. Hull 2nd Missouri Infantry
Col. Robert R. Hutchinson Asst. Adjutant Gen.on Staff of Gen. Bowen 
(Mo Brigade) and Gen. Rodes (ANV)
Alexander Franklin "Frank" James  Quantrill's Partisan Rangers and brother of Jesse James. (1894-1901 resided in St. Louis while working as a doorkeeper at Ed Butler's Standard Theatre. Also worked at Fair Grounds race track during racing season (waved "Timer's flag")
Lt. Col. W. P. Johnson 4th Missouri Infantry
Capt. Lorraine Farquhar Jones  
Walter D. Jones  After the war, served as Sgt. Major for UCV, Camp St. Louis, No.731
Col. Joseph Kelly Kelly's Regiment, Missouri State Guard, 
and Staff Officer of Gen. Mosby Parsons
Lt. Samuel M. Kennard Landis' and Guibor's Missouri Artillery
James White Kennett  Missouri Brigade
Capt. James P. Kennerly 1st Missouri Artillery (James, Lewis and Samuel were brother-in-laws to Gen. John S. Bowen).
Graduates of St. Louis U.. Kennerly Rd.
named in family's honor.
Capt. Lewis Kennerly    Missouri Brigade
Capt. Samuel Kennerly Missouri Brigade
Maj. William Clark Kennerly (Nephew of Gen. William Clark 
and Revolutionary war
General George Rogers Clark)
L. D. Kingsland  Served as "Color Sergeant" in the UCV, St. Louis Camp No. 731
Col. Solomon George Kitchen  
Capt. John Ladd 6th Missouri Infantry
Lt. T. B. Lanier 2nd Missouri Infantry
Watson Lannam St. Louis resident cited for extraordinary courage while "in advance of the main line", took a Union Lt. Col. prisoner (Battle of Prarie Grove, Ark.) Parsons' Division.
Major Francis D. Lee Confederate Ordinance Dept.
Lt. Alexander A. Lesueur  3rd Mo Field Battery
Thomas A. Lornagin, Surgeon Lewis' 7th Mo Infantry
Major James M. Loughborough Served on the staff of Gen. Sterling Price (Loughborough Ave named after family)
Col. Emmett MacDonald            Marmaduke's Missouri Cavalry.
Appointed "Provost-Marshal of Missouri"

Lt. J. R. Mathews

 4th Missouri Infantry

Dr. G. M. B. Maughs, Surgeon

  Missouri "Exam. Surgeon"

Brig. Gen. John McCausland

 Born in St. Louis, graduate of Virginia Military Institute. Commanded Cavalry Brigades 
in Army of Northern Virginia. 
(McCausland Ave. named after family)

Capt. Arthur McCoy 

 1st Mo. Confederate Cavalry (Shelby's)

Maj. Atreus J. McCreery

 Quartermaster, Price's Staff

Capt. Robert McCulloch

 Co B 18th Va Infantry

Col. Joseph N. McDowell, Surgeon                   

Medical Director, Dept. Trans-Mississippi

 Daniel L. McGary 

  Co A & G 15th Texas Cavalry. 
In 1855 became first U.S. District Attorney 
of Nebraska Territory. 
After war, was prominent newspaper 
editor/owner in Texas (Southern Banner)

Maj. William M. McPheeters (Surgeon)

 Medical Director Gen. Price's Staff

 Lt. Fergus McRae

 Missouri Artillery

Bishop Enoch  M. Marvin, Chaplain 

 Dept. Trans-Mississippi

Maj. J. S. Melon

 Missouri "Commissary"

Lt. Col. Minor Meriwether

Engineer on Gen. Price's Staff, Gen. Polk's Staff, Gen. Pemberton's Staff, Gen. Gilmer's Staff, 
Gen. Joe Johnston's Staff, and Gen. Taylor's Staff

Maj. Edgar Miller

Staff Officer for Gen. Joe Johnston

Dr. J. I. Miller 

After the war, served as "Surgeon" in the UCV, 
St. Louis Camp, No. 731

Patrick Mulcahy 

After the war, served as 
"Color Sergeant"in the UCV, 
St. Louis Camp, No. 731

Col. R. H. Musser

9th Missouri Infantry

Sergt. Major John K. Newman

 1st Missouri Infantry

Col. Trusten Polk

Judge-Advocate for Gen. Sterling Price.
(served as Governor of Missouri 
and U.S. Senator). 
Polk Ave. named in his honor.

Col. Celsus Price

Staff of Gen. Sterling Price
Brig. Gen. Edwin W. Price     Missouri State Guard 
(Colonel in Army of Trans-Mississippi)
Maj. Gen. Sterling Price  Army of Missouri/
Army of Trans-Mississippi/Army of the West
Maj. Adolph Proskauer 12th Alabama Infantry; Jewish, member of Temple Israel, helped found Jewish Hospital in St. Louis
Maj. James M. Quinlin  Commissary Officer for Gen. Bowen's 
Missouri Brigade
Maj. Charles C. Rainwater  Chief of Ordinance, Gen. Marmaduke's staff
Gov. Henry M. Rector  Governor of Arkansas during 1861-1862. 
(was born and raised in St. Louis) 
Lt. John Redmand  1st Missouri Infantry
Gov. Thomas Reynolds  Lt. Governor and 
2nd Governor of  Confederate Missouri
E.C. Robbins  After the war, served as "Third Lt. Commander" of the UCV, 
St. Louis Camp, No. 731
Rev. Patrick G. Robert, Chaplain  2nd La Infantry and 34th Va Infantry
Father Abram Ryan,            Chaplain                     "Poet of the Confederacy"
Philip Sartorius Co. B, 15th LA Cavalry. 
source: "Zion in the Valley", by Walter Ehrlich
 Capt. Wm. David Sappington  Co D 4th Mo. Cavalry
(Community of Sappington and Sappington 
Rd. named in honor of the family)
Col. James Riddle Shaler  27th Arkansas Infantry and 
Inspector Gen. for Gen. Sterling Price
Col. Alonzo William Slayback "Slayback's Lancers" Cavalry Battalion, 
Shelby's Cavalry Division
Col. Thomas L. Snead  Asst. Adjutant Gen., Sterling Price's Staff; 
C.S. Congressman
Sgt.  Stephan B. Spellin 
(or Spellen/Spellan)
3rd Mo Field Battery
Dr. Horatio Nelson Spencer, Surgeon  1st Mississippi Light Artillery
Col. Isaiah George Washington Steedman 1st Alabama Infantry/1st Alabama Heavy Artillery
Brig. Gen. Alexander Steen Missouri State Guard. Colonel in Missouri Infantry Regiment
Capt. Alcee William Stewart Co E 20th La Infantry
Lt. Gen. Alexander Peter Stewart Army of Tennessee
Lt. Alphonso Chase Stewart 4th Tenn. Cavalry and Staff Officer for 
Lt.Gen. A. P. Stewart
Joseph Strauss "Commanded a troop of Louisana Cavalry, wounded at Vicksburg". Jewish extraction. Associated with Jacob D. Strauss Saddlery Co. in St. Louis.
Lt. Robert Henry Stockton Co I,  2nd Missouri Infantry
E. H. Sublett  After war, served as " Treasurer" in the UCV, St. Louis Camp, No. 731

Sgt. John Tatum                          

3rd Mo Field Battery

Capt. Samuel Taylor (Cadet Lt.)

25th Battery Richmond Defense Force,
Army of Northern Virginia

Capt. Josiah Tibbett

2nd Missouri Cavalry

Lt. Charles B. Tilden

3rd Mo. Field Battery

Maj. James Morgan Utz

9th Missouri Infantry 
Resident  of Bridgeton; 
 Executed by Federals
Dec 25, 1864, St. Louis, Mo.

Capt. Leroy Branch Valliant

22nd Mississippi Infantry

Sen. George Graham Vest

Served on Gen. Price's Staff; 
in the Confederate Congress and
U.S. Senator following war (Advocated Native American civil rights and for
creation of Yellowstone National Park)

Capt. Ben Von Phul 

Missouri Artillery Battery

Col. William Wade

1st Missouri Artillery

Maj. Gen. John G. Walker

Commanded a Division in the Army of Northern Virginia and  Dept. of West Louisiana. Born in Cole Co., Mo, educated at Jesuit College in St. Louis

Capt. Richard C. Walsh  

Missouri Artillery

Lt. Harrison Watts

Light Artillery Battery 
under Gen. Sterling Price
Later in CS Navy in Liverpool, England

Lt. Sylvester Watts 

Capt. Jaxon's Battery Mo. Vol. Militia

Dr. William C. Webb, Surgeon                   

12th Missouri Cavalry

Sgt. Major Thomas Henry West

21st Tennessee Cavalry

Capt. James Wickersham 

1st and 4th Missouri Infantry

Capt. Thomas B. Wilson

2nd Missouri Infantry

S. Weidlette, Surgeon

Missouri Brigade

Lt. W. H. Weller

Missouri Artillery

Oscar Blackwood Wilson, bugler

5th Va Infantry, and 11th Va. Cavalry

Col. John M. Wimer

Anti-slavery "Emancipationist Democrat" served twice as Mayor of St. Louis. Imprisoned for 
criticizing Federal action at Camp Jackson. 
Killed while serving in 4th Mo Cavalry CSA
 Philip Wohl Unit unknown; Immigrant from 
Karlsbad, Bohemia; Jewish 
(member of Missouri Lodge of 
B'nai B'irth) 
source: Zion in the Valley, 
byWalter Ehrlich.
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(The above names were compiled from various sources, many of the names come from the book by Gene Dressel  "A Self Guided Tour of Confederate Graves at Bellefontaine Cemetery", 1992)

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