Find Grave Sites for Confederates in Missouri

    This work contains 7,791 names of Missouri men who died during the War for Southern Independence. Only God knows how many others there are and it is our quest to find those remaining unknown to us. Over many years and from numerous sources different researchers have worked to find these brave men. Most come from the research of Dr. Leslie Anders and additional Missouri State Guardsmen come from James McGhee. Dr. Anders used more than 100 different sources. Without their work I would have never been able to build the database that thanks to the efforts of Webmaster James Bradley are now made available here on the Missouri Division web site.

    It is very easy to search the list, just type in the last name and all those men with that last name appear. Click on the name you wish to match and ALL THE INFO WE HAVE ON HIM WILL APPEAR. If you have additional info for ONE OR MORE OF THE CATEGORIES, copy the documents you have showing men who died or were killed that donít appear or men that appear on the list that survived the war and should be removed. Please send copies of your documents to the address listed below. There are mistakes here; time and circumstance over the years have made the research very difficult. We hope those that visit here can help to perfect this work. As you see most (D/D) died of disease, either in camp or as a POW. Some we donít have anything on, just a name that didnít come home from a family. We try to find their county of residence for future memorial purposes and we are especially looking for the burial places of these soldiers. Twelve percent is the best we can do, so far, and most are in large POW cemeteries.

I hope this information is a help to you and future generations.  

To Their Memory,

Neil Block  
Mo SCV Graves Registrar
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