Missouri's Confederate 

Monuments and Grave Markers

Welcome to the Missouri Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans Missouri Monuments page. The "Missouri Monument" section is an area dedicated to keeping an updated list of the latest monument/grave marker dedications and preservations in Missouri. Missouri Sons of Confederate Veterans members in Missouri are working very hard to preserve the good namesake of our fallen Confederate ancestors all over this great state. 

  It is our hope that we can capture at least a small portion of that devotion through pictures and letters passed along from compatriot's of the Missouri Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans.

If you have information regarding Confederate monuments or graves that have been abused or neglected, please send us that information via email. any information regarding upcoming dedications and the erection of Confederate grave markers or monuments should also be sent via email. 

We appreciate the efforts of our division officers, camp officers, fellow compatriot's, and southern brethren to help keep our ancestor's monuments and graves preserved. Fallen American's deserve no less than to be remembered, and as southerner's, it is our duty to guard these sacred grounds. Please contact Gene Dressel if you have any pertinent information regarding Confederate graves or monuments. 

If you would like information about how you can donate money to the Missouri State Memorial Fund click here.















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