More St. Louisans in Gray

Compiled by Doug Harding,
Editor Army Argus
Sterling Price Camp, No. 145
St. Louis, Mo.
The ferry crossing to St. Louis as it appeared in 1832. The steeple of
the Old Cathedral can be seen in the background. (Painting by L.D. Pomarade,
published 1875 in "Pictorial St. Louis: The Great Metropolis of the Mississippi Valley",
by Camille N. Dry.)

The following is information on Confederate soldiers of St. Louis has been compiled by Doug Harding, taken from a variety of sources. These have previously been published in the Sterling Price Camp's award winning newsletter, The Army Argus. These names will be published in installments and new information will be  added as they are received. If anyone knows of a name that has been missed, contact the Missouri Division, Director of Communications with any available information. This is an ongoing project with "new" Confederate soldiers from St. Louis and St. Louis county being discovered all the time.

Adair, R.
1865.....   May: Pvt Co H 2nd Mo Cav CSA
         Residence: St, Louis County, Mo.
               : Paroled Columbia, Ms.
(Carolyn M. Bartels; Missouri Officers & Gentlemen: CSA Surrender;
Shawnee Mission, Ks; 1996; pg 7.)

Ahearn, Patrick
1859.....Occupation: Butcher
    .....Residence: N side of St. Charles near 23d, St.Louis, Mo.
1860.....Occupation: Butcher
    .....Residence: SS Adams between Pratte and Emily, St. Louis, Mo.
1861.....13 Feb: Pvt Co F Jackson Grays 1st Rgt MVM
    .....10 May: Captured at Camp Jackson, St. Louis County
    .....11 May: Paroled at the St. Louis Arsenal
1862.....: Sgt Co ? 13th Ark Inf Rgt CSA
1890.....Residence: 320 S 14th St. St. Louis, Mo
    .....Member:Ex-Confederate Historical & Benevolent Association
1902.....Member: Veteran Volunteer Firemen  Historical Society of St.
    .....17 Sep: Photographed (Missouri Historical Society #30)

Alewood, John
1821.....      : Born County Cork, Ireland
1861.....16 Jul: Enlisted Co F 1st Mo Infantry CSA, Memphis, Tn, Age 40.
    .....Residence: St. Louis, Mo.
    .....Occupation: Farmer
1862.....06 Apr: Present at Battle of Shiloh, Tn.
    .....21 Jul.: Discharged due to age.

Alexander, John G.
1859.....Occupation: Salesman (Child, Pratt & Co)
    .....Residence: 17th corner of Christy, St. Louis, Mo.
    .....17 May: Secretary Co H National Guard 1st Rgt. MVM
1860.....22 Feb: Pvt Co H National Guard 1st Rgt MVM
    .....30 Jun: Pvt 2d Co National Guard MVM
    .....Occupation: Salesman (Child, Pratt & Fox)
    .....Residence: 2 N. 13th, St. Louis, Mo.
1890.....Residence: 1933 Papin St., St. Louis, Mo.
    .....Member: Ex-Confederate historical & Benevolent Association of
St. Louis

Allen, Lewis D. Jr.
1859.....Occupation: Grocer (Allen & Snow Grocers) 44 Washington, St.
Louis, Mo.
    .....Residence: 152 N 6th, St. Louis, Mo.
1860.....Occupation: Bookkeeper, W.P.&L.R Sheyock
    .....Residence: Boards at 88 Elm, St. Louis, Mo.
1861.....13 Feb: Pvt National Guards 2d Rgt MVM
    .....   May: Pvt Kelly's Rgt 6th Division MSG
    .....17 Jun: Present at the battle of Booneville, Mo.
    .....25 Jun: Pvt Guibor's Battery MSG
    .....   Dec: Pvt 1st Btry Mo Light Artillery CSA
1890.....Residence: 3408 Bell Ave, St. Louis, Mo.
    .....Member: Ex-Confederate Historical & Benevolent Association of
St. Louis
1894.....25 Oct: DEATH OF LEWIS D. ALLEN.
        Notable Career of This Well-Known Missourian.
     Lewis D. Allen, who died at his home, 4014 Westminster place,
Thursday, will be buried this afternoon. At the time of his death Mr.
Allen was secretary of the Kauffman Milling Company, which position he
had held for some years. Mr. Allen left a widow and two children, both of
whom have attained their majority. His son, Benjamin B. Allen, is
connected with the Laclede Bank. His daughter married a short time ago,
and is now living at Carthage, Mo. One son, Lewis Allen, Jr., died a
short while ago.
     "Lew" Allen, as he was known to intimate acquaintances, had quite a
notable career. He was a Missourian, and served through the late war in
the Confederate Army with distinction. At one time he was wealthy. This
was shortly after the war, when, after returning to St. Louis for a short
time, he went South and started a private bank at Monroe, La. He was
successful at first, but later misfortune overtook
him, and a greater part of his fortune was sunk in the
enterprise. He came to St. Louis and entered the employ of the Kauffman
Milling Company as head bookkeeper. He was an expert accountant, and was
soon appointed to the position he held at his death - that of secretary
of the firm. His employers regarded him as not only an energetic and able
business man, but one who was entirely trustworthy. It had been said of
Mr. Allen that he never made an enemy.
     Mr. Allen was the subject of a poem which attained
widespread popularity for its stirring war-time tenor and the sentiment it
expressed. Mr Allen served under Colonel Price during the was and
attained the title of Captain. Part of the time he served as
Quartermaster. General Harding and Colonel Sneed were at times in command
over troops in which Mr. Allen served and it was these two who wrote the
poem concerning "Lew" Allen. It was entitled "And Still Lew Allen Held
His Mule," and was printed far and wide, many papers illustrating it at
the time. The incident occurred at Elk Horn, or, as the Yankees termed it,
Pea Ridge. The scene of the battle was laid in a very hilly part of the
country. During the heat of the battle General Harding started for the
front accompanied by Mr. Allen on a mule. When they had drawn pretty
close to where the fighting was raging thickest General Harding
dismounted, and, turning his horse over to Mr. Allen, asked him to remain
there with it until he returned, his intention being to go forward on
foot. The fighting was hot and furious in that neighborhood at the time,
but Allen stood there holding his mule with one hand, while he held the
charger with the other. Presently a change in the direction of the troops
brought the Yankee artillery down upon Allen. Shot were whizzing by his
head in a steady stream, but he refused to "break ranks" and stood there
not moving a muscle holding his mule and horse until ordered to where
General Harding was. The act was one of such conspicuous bravery that it
suggested a poem to General Harding, and he, assisted by Colonel Sneed,
committed it to paper. Mr. Allen immediately became famous in every part
of the country.

Anderson, Alexander G.
1859.....Occupation: Asst. Bookkeeper (Fiske Knight & Co)
         Wholesale Boots & Shoes, 87 N Main
    .....Residence: Boards at the Monroe House, 21 Chestnut, St. Louis,
1860.....Occupation: Clerk, Fiske, Knight & Co.; Wholesale boots & shoes,
87 N. Main
    .....Residence: Boards at Virginia Hotel, St. Louis, Mo.
1862.....      : Major & ACS Cockrell's Mo Brigade CSA
1890.....Residence: 620 Washington Ave, St. Louis, Mo.
    .....Member: Ex-Confederate Historical & Benevolent Association of
St. Louis

Anderson, Frederick M.
1859.....Occupation: Salesman (Dickson, Orr & Co) Wholesale Boots &
Shoes, 73 N Main
    .....Residence: 14th between Pine & Chestnut, St. Louis, Mo.
1861.....13 Feb: 2d Sgt Co D McLaren Guard 2d Rgt MVM
    .....12 Dec: Lt Co ? 5th Rgt Mo Inf CSA
1890.....Residence: 519 Washington Ave, St. Louis, Mo.
    .....Member: Ex-Confederate Historical & Benevolent Association of
St. Louis
(History of St. Louis County; pg 101)

Anderson, George W.
1860.....22 Feb: Pvt Co H National Guard 1st Rgt MVM
    .....30 Jun: Pvt 2d Co National Guard MVM
1861.....Residence: St. Louis, Mo.
1865........May: 1Lt 10 Mo Infantry CSA
         Residence: St. Louis, Mo.
               : Paroled at Shrevesport, La.
(Carolyn M. Bartels; Missouri Officers & Gentlemen: CSA Surrender;
Shawnee Mission, Ks; 1996; pg 7.)
(History of St. Louis County; pg 101)

Anderson, Warren M.
1859.....Occupation: Clerk (Anderson & Lanouneux) Drygoods 24 Main
    .....Residence: Boards at 4th SE corner of Elm, St. Louis, Mo.
1860.....22 Feb: Pvt Co H National Guard (2d Co) 1st Rgt MVM
    .....Occupation: Anderson & Lamoureux; dry goods, 24 S. Main.
    .....Residence: Market, between 2d & 3d, St. Louis, Mo.
1861.....13 Feb: Pvt National Guard 2d Rgt MVM
    .....Member: Minutemen
1862.....      :     Co A Clark's Mo Inf Rgt CSA
1890.....Residence: 7013 Bruno Ave, St. Louis, Mo.
    .....Member: Ex-Confederate Historical & Benevolent Association of
St. Louis

Appler, John T.
1861.....13 Feb: Pvt National Guard 2d Rgt MVM
1862.....      : Pvt Co H 4th Rgt Mo Inf CSA
1890.....Residence: 2138 Oregon Ave, St. Louis, Mo.
    .....Member:  Ex-Confederate Historical & Benevolent Association of
St. Louis
Confederates Wounded in 1862 Believed Each Other Dead.
     The unexpected meeting of two veterans, who had not seen each other
since 1862, when they were both wounded in a charge at Corinth, Miss.,
proved the most dramatic feature yesterday at the monthly meeting of Camp
St. Louis, 731, United Confederate Veterans, at Jefferson Memorial. Many
in the audience of 300 wept when they saw the reunion of John T Appler,
74 years old, of Clayton, and Charles Mills, 77, who came to St. Louis
from his home in Arkansas on business, and attended the meeting.
     "We had both given each other up for dead," said Appler last night.
"Mills was carried to the rear after his left arm had been shot away in a
skirmish at close range. My wound was not serious, but I was confident
Mills would not recover."
     Both men were in Company K of the Fourth Missouri
Infantry. Mills has been living in Arkansas since the war and Appler had
heard no news of him until yesterday, when he walked into the meeting.
(Missouri Republican 1961)

Attwood, Dr. LeGrand
1861.....      : Surgeon MSG
    .....Residence: St. Louis, Mo.
1890.....Occupation: Superintendant St. Louis Insane Asylum
    .....Member: Ex-Confederate Historical & Benevolent Association of
St. Louis
(History of St. Louis County; pg 101)

Atwood, John
1821.....Born: Ireland, county Cork
1861.....Residence:St. Louis, Mo.
    .....Occupation: Farmer
    .....16 Jul: Pvt co F 1st Mo Infrty CSA; enlisted in Memphis Tn, Age
(National Archives; U.S. Adjutant General Records; No. 973.74; Micro Copy
No. 322; Roll No. 92)

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