Missouri State Guard

Patriot Army of Missouri

First Commander: Major General Sterling Price
Second Commander: Brigadier General Mosby Monroe Parsons
Second Commander: Brigadier General James S. Rains


Assistant Adjutant-General: Colonel Henry Lewis Little
Acting Assistant Adjutant-General: Colonel Thomas Lowndes Snead
Assistant Commissary of Subsistencet: Colonel John Reid
Assistant Inspector-General: Colonel Horace H. Brand.
Army Judge Advocate-General: Colonel George Graham Vest
Assistant Quartermast-General: Colonel Edward Haren, Jr.
Colonel Randolph Henry Dyer
Major George A. Gallaher
Chaplain-General: Lt. Col. Benjamin Taylor Kavanaugh
Medial Director: Colonel William M. Snodgrass, M.D.
Assistant Medial Director: Lt. Col. Henry M. Cross, M.D.
Assistant Surgeon-General: Colonel Montrose A. Pallen, M.D.
Army Wagon-Master: Captain Thomas Hinkle
Chief of Engineers: Captain A. C. Dickerson
Aide-de-Camp: Colonel Edward Carrington Cabell
Colonel Alfred W. Jones
Colonel H. Clay Taylor
Lt. Col. George W. Allen
Lt. Col. Richard T. Morrison
Colonel Lewis M. Applegate
Captain R. M. Morrison
Captain Emmett MacDonald
Lt. Col. James T. Cearnal

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Ninth Division