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Above is the newest Missouri State Guard Monument, dedicated 17 Sept. 2000 at Lexington, Mo. This is the second, after the Battle of Carthage Monument erected thus far. Thanks to those who have contributed to the Missouri State Guard Monument Project. With your continued support we should have all four monuments in place. Click on the thumbnail for a larger picture.

Those familiar with Missouri and the War Between the States know there was no more patriotic band of soldiers than the Missouri State Guard.   The men and supporters of the Patriotic Army of Missouri won battle after battle against overwhelming odds.  Outnumbered and completely self-sufficient with no permanent supply base, or any supply base for that matter, they sacrificed all the comforts of home to defend their families and homes against an aggressive, invading foe.

The Missouri Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans has launched an effort to finally honor the men of Missouri who, with the same patriotic spirit of their grandfathers in 1776, answered the call of Governor Jackson in 1861 to defend the free spirit of the Constitution.  The Missouri Division is determined to place at least four monuments in close proximity where the Missouri State Guard heroically defeated the oppressors of their homes.  These four locations are Carthage, Oak Hills, Lexington and Elk Horn Tavern (though this battle was lost as a whole, the Missourians, as usual, sent those opposing them in a frightful flee). 

Each monument will contain the below graphic depicting the beautiful flag of the Missouri State Guard.  Special thanks to Compatriot Mark Douglas for using his time and talents to create this image.

You can help preserve and protect the honor of the Missouri State Guard, who so valiantly defended Missouri and gave all true Missourians a legacy to be proud of, by sending your tax-deductible donation to:

Richard J. Perry - Adjutant
Missouri Division, SCV
Missouri State Guard Memorial Fund
504 E. Cherry
Springfield, MO  65806

Please make checks / money orders payable
to the Missouri Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans

Receipts Available Upon Request

The Battle Flag of the Missouri State Guard