Regimental Histories

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Alabama - Florida - Georgia - Kentucky - Louisiana - Maryland - Mississippi
Missouri - North Carolina - South Carolina - Tennessee - Texas - Virginia


4th Alabama Cavalry
Law's Alabama Brigade
Gracie's Alabama Brigade
18th Alabama Infantry
19th Alabama Volunteer Infantry
23rd Alabama Volunteer Infantry Regiment
25th Alabama Infantry
27th Alabama Infantry
32nd Alabama Volunteer Infantry
33rd Alabama Infantry
48th Alabama Volunteer Infantry
49th Alabama Infantry
1st Florida Volunteer Infantry
Georgia Units in the Civil War
Marion County, Georgia Civil War Troops
Anderson's Battery
3rd Georgia Infantry
5th Georgia Infantry
8th Georgia Infantry Co. A
8th Georgia Volunteer Infantry
9th Georgia Infantry
15th Georgia Infantry
15th Georgia Infantry
24th Georgia Volunteer Infantry
43rd Georgia Infantry
46th Georgia Infantry
49th Georgia Infantry
65th Georgia Volunteer Infantry
Kentucky Orphan Brigade
9th Kentucky Cavalry
11th Kentucky Cavalry
1st Louisiana Cavalry (Scotts)
1st Louisiana Heavy Artillery
Louisiana Artillery Units
1st Louisiana Special Battalion
1st Louisiana Reserves
2nd Louisiana Medical Brigade
7th Louisiana Volunteer Infantry
10th Louisiana Infantry
14th Louisiana Infantry
19th Louisiana Infantry
28th Louisiana Infantry
1st Maryland Battery
1st Maryland Cavalry
2nd Maryland Battalion
5th Mississippi Cavalry
5th Mississippi Volunteer Infantry
8th Mississippi Volunteer Infantry
9th Mississippi Infantry
11th Mississippi Infantry
15th Mississippi Volunteer Infantry
26th Mississippi Infantry
31st Mississippi Infantry
32nd Mississippi Infantry Co. C
32nd Mississippi Infantry Co. G
8th Missouri Infantry
North Carolina Confederate Troops
McRae's North Carolina Cavalry
6th North Carolina Cavalry
13th North Carolina Battalion
26th North Carolina Infantry
27th North Carolina Infantry
58th North Carolina Infantry
66th North Carolina Infantry
16th South Carolina Infantry
20th South Carolina Infantry
23rd South Carolina Infantry
25th South Carolina Infantry
26th South Carolina Infantry
Huwald's Tennessee Mtn. Howitzer Battery
Allison's Cavalry Squadron
7th Tennessee Cavalry
8th/13th Tennessee Cavalry
9th Tennessee Cavalry
9th Tennessee Cavalry Co. A
9th Tennessee Cavalry Co. E
12th Tennessee Cavalry
14th (15th) Tennessee Cavalry
15th Tennessee Cavalry
16th Tennessee Cavalry
19th Tennessee Cavalry
19th Tennessee Cavalry
20th Tennessee Cavalry
21st Tennessee Cavalry (Wilson's)
1st Tennessee Infantry (Turney's)
1st Tennessee Infantry
2nd Tennessee Infantry
4th Tennessee Infantry
7th Tennessee Infantry
11 Tennessee Infantry
12th Tennessee Infantry
13th Tennessee Infantry
14th Tennessee Infantry
17th Tennessee Infantry
18th Tennessee Infantry
20th Tennessee Infantry
20th Tennessee Infantry Co. F
20th Tennessee Infantry Co. K
22nd Tennessee Infantry
23rd Tennessee Infantry
24th Tennessee Infantry
25th Tennessee Infantry
27th Tennessee Infantry
30th Tennessee Infantry
34th Tennessee Infantry
44th Tennessee Infantry
47th Tennessee Infantry
47th Tennessee Infantry
55th Tennessee Infantry
55th Tennessee Infantry
63rd Tennessee Infantry
Parson's Texas Cavalry Brigade
Morgan's Regiment of Texas Cavalry
Waul's Texas Legion
Willis' Cavalry Battalion
4th Texas Cavalry
5th Texas Partisan Rangers
7th Texas Cavalry
8th Texas Cavalry
8th Texas Cavalry
12th Texas Cavalry
19th Texas Cavalry
21st Texas Cavalry
30th Texas Cavalry
6th Texas Infantry
10th Texas Infantry
43rd Virginia Cavalry Battalion
24th Virginia Infantry
33rd Virginia Volunteer Infantry
36th Virginia Infantry
42nd Virginia Infantry
42nd Virginia Infantry
48th Virginia Infantry
51st Virginia Infantry Regiment
63rd Virginia Infantry
Confederate Patisan Ranger units/Guerilla Bands